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February 12, 2008

Happy Valentines

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December 1, 2007

ivibe Rabbit

The Vibrator Site

the ivibe Rabbit™ is waterproof.

You Control Your Pleasure, You Control The Function

  • Function One. (F1)  Clit stimulator vibrates while head rotates and pleasure pearls swirl.
  • Function Two. (F2)  Clit stimulator creates slow, relaxed vibration while head pivots right to left, front to back.
  • Function Three. (F3)  Clit stimulator pulses in short, quick motion as the head swings to and fro… right along with your own.

The ivibe rabbit™ pleases your every animal instinct.  Surrounded by luminescent colors, stimulating beads line the soft ribbed shaft, squirming and turning to meet your every desire… as the bunny “nibbles” at your quivering clit.

  • Pearl Beads Swirl Around The Vibrating Soft Shaft
  • Vibrating Pulsating Clitoral Tickler

Waterproof Unit. Advanced I.C. Chip Technology Allows You Perfect Control Of Your Pleasure.

Uses 4 AA batteries (not included).

Sold As An Adult Novelty Only. 
Made in China. 
Packaged in the USA

All rights reserved.  Shape and appearance of product inside package are trademark and trade dress of Doc Johnson Enterprises.

November 22, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

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Are people for real? The Ho Ho Ho has been taken out of the festive cheer dictionary. Some crazy group has come to the conclusion that hearing Ho Ho Ho in a shopping centre may be disturbing or in some cases scaring the little kiddies. Of course it wouldn’t have anything to do with the image of a big fat man in a red suit with red veins breaking the surface of a swollen nose. A tangled, knotted beard exuding the smell of stale whisky could never be construed as scary. Being held on a strangers lap by a little green helper with cherries on their head would be absolutely normal.

For Christs mas sake what is the world coming to? Video games blowing human images to pieces fill the Xmas stockings but hearing a Ho Ho Ho is chilling to the veins. Now I do agree that hearing a deep voicing chanting Ho Ho Ho on the streets of Darlinghurst may be a little more sinister and somewhat more costly than the token photo with the man in red.

 I find the shopping centres plugging there Xmas sales in November a dam site more nerve racking than the centuries old sounds of Santa. The world of political correctness has gone beserk. Recently a 10 year old child was charged with allegedly assaulting a policeman. I can imagine that particular child trembling at the sounds of a chortled Ho Ho Ho. I think it is time a little bit of fear was brought back into childrens lives. The fear of repercussions for the actions comitted against others. The statistics are alarming on the number of juveniles committing “adult” crimes. It’s time the focus was shifted to restoring old time values not destroying century old traditions that have bought joy to millions.

October 3, 2007

Oops I did it again

I’m not a fan but Britney seems to be coping a lot of flack for her parenting or lack of parenting skills. Is the girl that bad or is her profile just alerting us to the lifestyles many secretely live but hide from the world.

Mothers leaving kids in car parks while they play the pokies in the casino. Fathers shaking their babies so violently it leaves them hospitalised. The lenghts of cruelty that some parents bestow upon their own flesh and blood is sickening. It would seem very little is done by the authorities in these cases. Courts are full of drug riddled mothers winning custody of offspring due to some antiquated notion that a child should be with their mother.

I’m sure that if a camera was on each and every parent there would be numerous cases of children sitting on their parents lap while taking a drive. Moments where it would look like the baby was going to slip as the mother juggled the other 2 kids and a shopping cart. Countless undocumented accidents in local shopping centre carparks. How many kids are left with the grandparents or rented baby sitters while parents go out on the town?

There are 24 hours in a day, are we getting to see a balanced slice of the Britney pie? How many stories could a body guard tell if they lived in your house? How many upskirt photos would reveal knickerless maidens going about their daily business?

How many magazines would sell with pictures of Britney wearing her grandmothers underwear? I do not think Britney is the ideal example of motherhood but I could show you a hundred worse examples in your local shopping mall!

July 26, 2007

femfun header


We are a family owned and operated business was inspired by the desire to source ladies sex toys while at the same time maintaining a high level of privacy. On visiting other sites the level of profanity and vulgarity highlighted the need for a website to be designed with a more conservative consumer in mind. The overall aim is to provide products of a sexually orientated nature related to female pleasure in as non offensive a manner as possible. This site does not stock movies or publications given the varying nature of content.

The aim of is to become the most popular online store for sourcing and purchasing ladies sex toys in Australia. We hope to achieve this by offering a concentrated catalogue of sex toys suitable for women and couples. Offering competitive pricing and free delivery.

Through sensible promotion strategies, alliances and continuing search engine optimization hopes to become an integral part of the adult sex toy industry by increasing the access for a greater number of the main stream community.

Maintaining a sole online presence enables to offer very competitive pricing as sales are not needed to prop up the bricks and mortar businesses of some other online providers.

Your privacy is very important and is taken very seriously by The Vibrator Site team. Information is never shared with any third party. Packaging is discreet and non-descript. Your purchases can be delivered to either a home or PO Box address. All purchases are despatched via Australia Post Express Delivery, enabling your purchase to be tracked, should there be any delay on your delivery.You are free to use any Email address BUT remember to keep the details as this is where reference numbers and confirmations of you purchase will be sent.The whole world deserves the level of service The Vibrator Site gives! Unfortunately delivery is limited to Australia ONLY, for tracking and security purposes.

The Vibrator Site is a 100% Australian owned site and offers extremely competitive pricing. It does this by maintaining a completely on-line service. Given the nature of the products, returns will not be accepted. The Vibrator Site tests all outgoing purchases to eliminate the disappointment of a faulty product arriving. However should the unlikely circumstance arrive, The Vibrator Site will gladly exchange your purchase upon its return.

The Vibrator Site accesses its products from a number of countries and suppliers. If you haven’t been able to find something let us know. The Vibrator Site team would be happy to help try and supply the unusual or hard to get.

The Vibrator Site team hopes you have enjoyed your visit and
“we hope the pleasure is all yours”.

July 21, 2007

Popular Trends for Fall

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Popular Trends for Fall

© Lindsey Michelle

A guide to trends: yesterday, today and ahead.

Fashion magazines have so far given some hints to what’s popular for fall. But with summer still in full swing, it can be difficult to decide what to wear now and what to keep an eye out for when the weather (or at least the calendar) turns in September. However, if you wait to buy your fall purchases when it finally “feels” like fall, the best items – and the good deals – will be gone! The key to enhancing your closet isn’t to buy an entire new wardrobe; it’s adding certain pieces to the clothes and outfits you already own. Follow this preliminary summer-to-fall chart to see which items to keep, which items to purchase and, unfortunately, which to hide in the back of your closet until they become trendy once again.


Yesterday: 1950s throwbacks

Today: Babydoll and trapeze dresses – fun and easy for summer, paired with bare legs and a simple cardigan

Ahead: Fall welcomes longer hemlines for both dresses and skirts. Many designers are showing lengths extending to below the knee. The 1920s look is in again, but with a longer look, not necessarily minidresses.


Yesterday: Skinny jeans

Today: Anything goes

Ahead: Sleek and simple jeans. For fall, embellishments are cooled down. Unlike the past few years, many jeans have plain pockets, without extra pocket designs, glitter or rhinestones. The fit of the jeans is equally reserved – not exceptionally skinny or wide.


Yesterday: Platforms and wedges – wedges are still fashionable to wear during the summer, but it’s past the time to buy any new ones

Today: Marc Jacobs jellies and other fun, summer flats

Ahead: Fall runway models wear flats, but they’re also showing spectator pumps and other more “substantial” heels. This goes along with the more grown-up, lower hemline theme.


Yesterday: Giant, carry-everything-you-own designer bags

Today: Clutches are perfect to throw into your purse or beach bag during the day and to use by themselves at night

Ahead: Whether big or small, think structured handbags for fall. Avoid shoulder straps; instead carry the bag by its handles. Faux crocodile and snakeskin are popular, and metallics are also ‘in’ for fall.

Keep these pointers in mind when shopping for fall pieces:

Buy immediately if: you can easily afford the item; you haven’t seen anything else like it anywhere; you simiply can’t live without it.

Wait if: you may find something you like better at another store or department; you like the “idea” of the item but you aren’t sure if you’ll wear it; it only fits a certain type of weather or event (example: a raincoat in a city that barely gets rain or a fancy dress without an occasion in mind).

Don’t buy if: the item doesn’t fit right; you like the idea of owning the item but doubt you’ll wear/use it; you really can’t afford it.

July 15, 2007

The First Steps to Dating Online

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The First Steps to Dating Online
Sunday, July 15th, 2007

An interesting article I found for those interested in On Line Dating

The First Steps to Dating Online
13th July 2007
Author: Joe

For many newcomers taking the first step into online dating may be daunting. With all the online dating services that are available now, how do you choose which is best for you? How do you get started? What’s the best approach for messaging? What do you put in a profile? How do you guarantee your own safety? What are the best strategies for successful online dating? These are just a few of the questions new online daters face all the time. But with a bit of advice, practically everyone can find success in online dating. Here are a few brief tips:
One of the most important things for newcomers to dating online is which service to use. The first step in making this decision is to determine the specific needs that should be met by the dating service, and find websites that cater to those needs. For example, while some dating services cater specifically to casual encounters, some are designed to make matches for serious relationships only, while a few target people who are looking specifically for someone to start an affair with. Other important things to look for are price. For many people just starting out, free sites can be a good introduction to the online dating world that doesn’t involve a financial commitment. It’s also a good idea to browse around and see if the members who are already signed up for the site share similar tastes and interests.
Once an online dating service is selected, it’s time to get started on creating a profile. Needless to say, profiles are a very important part of online dating. Members of online dating services find out about each other, and decide if they want to introduce themselves, based on the information in a profile. Because of this, its important to make a positive, truthful impression by keeping the information light and inviting. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any negative information in a profile whatsoever. The most important thing to include in a profile is a clear, smiling picture that focuses on the member’s face.
After completing a profile, users can start messaging other members. The key to messaging is to make messages personable, friendly, and make it evident that the profile of the person being sent the message has been read. It’s crucial to make the recipient feel as though the message sender is actually interested in them, rather than being one of many people who has been messaged. Respond to specific aspects of their profile and keep the message light and friendly. Also, remember to ask a question in the message to give the person something to respond to.
Finally, safety is one of the most important issues in online dating. It’s crucial to remember not to include any personal or private information in the profile. Never divulge personal information like credit card numbers to anyone, and keep information like home address, email address and phone numbers confidential until you’re completely comfortable and ready to. Meeting someone in person should also only be done with caution. Meetings should take place in public spaces, with all necessary precautions taken.
With these guidelines and tips, online dating can be a safe and successful endeavor for anyone. Most importantly, how you decide to proceed with online dating is completely dependent on personal comfort levels. Go at your own pace, never do anything you’re not comfortable with, and remember to have fun!
Joe Davidson provides kisscafe with interesting articles about Online dating.


June 13, 2007

Here We Go Again

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It’s that time again.If you ever wanted to hear a yes from a politician now is the time to ask. That doesn’t automatically mean it will happen but you will at least get told it will. When we have an election result. The promises get sorted into piles according to the closeness with the originl intent of the winner. Rather than deliver on all the false promises it is easier to distort and contort the English language to suit. A saying springs to mind  “Lies, Lies and statistics”. Maybe it should be “Lies, Lies and elections”. This is no slur on any one particular party. Whether it is Kevin Rudd or John Howard the language is shrouded in deceit. Whether Labour or Liberal the goal is to win office and everyone knows winners are grinners. The rest can go and get stuffed for 3 years. I think that’s how it goes! Who is keeping the bastards honest anymore? Policy is no longer a basis on which to place a vote. Policy these days seem to be as flexible as Nadia. It’s not even possible to base a judgement on a stance. Peter ” lets give it back” Garret is an example of the seemingly acceptable nature of the back flip on anything that an individual may have once held dear. I guess politics provides a better superannuation plan than the rebels with a cause in the rock industry.

So how do we choose? Darts of course. Never mind the result it makes little difference. Just enjoy the moment. It will be three years before you can throw the darts with any conviction again.

April 24, 2007

Spare The Rod

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Here I go sounding like my father but “what has happened to the youth of today”. I’m not yet saying “bring back the death penalty” but…………   The gruesome details of how two teenaged girls’ killed their “friend” by strangling her with an electrical cord. The completed suicide pact of another two young girls and a massacre of over 30 people at university in
America have been well documented in the press. Drugs, psychosis and depression have been thrown into the ring as a possible reason for the abhorrent behaviour in the cases of murder and the seemingly senseless acts of suicide.


Has society helped to create a rudderless ship for youth and set it a drift on the sea of life? Void of direction, destination unknown with no thoughts of the consequence of hitting hidden reefs. Capitalism with its roots firmly planted in a democratic society and its perpetual need for growth and profit has helped to erode the family unit. Liberal views have permeated the courts and infiltrated the school system making punishment redundant. Role models leading lives virtually unattainable to many, riddled with drugs, depression and gross excess. Politicians steeped in sobriety and hypocrisy.


Recent reports promoting a move to stop smacking is a further slide towards the point of no return. Parents soon face the reality of being charged with deprivation of liberty for sending a child to their room. Fear has a role to play in prevention of the heinous. With out fear people would be stepping off curbs in front of buses, patting rabid dogs and jumping from tall buildings. The alternative to smacking is perhaps a head bending mind game. Is a mental smack less or more damaging than a physical one?  


Smacking with in reason offers a boundary, instills a sense of consequence and can aid in offering direction. It is important to note that there is a distinct difference between a smack and a beating. Smacking can show a child they are loved and their life is cherished.  “He who spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes.”  Oh my God I am my father!

April 11, 2007

Rehab resorts to the rich and famous

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Superstars and celebrities flitting in and out of rehabilitation are diminishing the serious effects and long lasting results of addiction. If you can take anything from the tabloid tales and exploits of celebrities and superstars, a couple of weeks in a good facility can cure a person of any addiction and supposedly the motivation that led to the addiction.


Wealth obviously gives better access to drugs due there greater affordability. Affordability is a naturally occurring restriction for mere mortals and may be the single greatest deterrent for the general population.


Celebrity stars like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Robbie Williams appear on magazine covers painfully exposing their personal demons and the tragedy that is their lives. Two weeks later the same faces appear on magazine covers leaving the latest “in” club, only able to walk with the assistance of body guards and minders. With looks, that at best, could be described as dazed and semi conscious. Drink driving arrests are prolific even though a driver could easily be afforded. Let alone a taxi.


Even superstars of the ilk of Mel Gibson can fall victim to the excesses of drugs. Proven with a recent anti semitic tirade blamed on the effects of alcohol. It does however give heart to know that even people of such stature can fall foul to the effects of long term use and abuse of drugs.


The fear is that the more these stories appear the more that it will become socially acceptable to be a drug user or even an addict. When the time comes to stop, should that occur before death, people are led to believe it’s as simple as popping into a handy facility for a quick clean. All’s well that ends well.


Exacerbating the situation is that there seems to be very little effect on the employment prospects of celebrity users. In some cases it may actually improve their prospects. Kate Moss could be used as an example of this. 


The positive to come out is that drugs do not discriminate based on race, colour or social standing. Drugs can and will destroy lives regardless of social standing. This is the message that should be promoted and not the quick fix scenario that is becoming the promoted social norm.

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